Bichon Frise Noses - Pink or Black?

by Diane
(Blackwood, NJ, USA)

I rescued a Bichon and was told that he is a pure breed. Not that it matters that much to me if he is exactly a pure breed or not--but all of the pictures I see of Bichons have a black nose.

My dog has a pink nose. What does this mean?
Does anyone out there have a bichon with a pink nose?

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Pink Nose
by: Anonymous

My bichon is 3 month female with a black/ pink nose the pink spot is in the middle of her nose. Is that normal???

I saw pic of a Bichon, all pink or all black--mine has two colors.

Pink or Black Nose
by: Diane

Well, by the comments that I have received I guess that some bichons have black noses and others have pink noses. And since no vet has commented I assume this is perfectly normal of bichons. Thank you for your comments. Diane

Pink Nosed Bichon
by: Anonymous


We are bichon lovers! Out of the three purebred bichons we have owned, two of them had black noses and one had a pink nose with black around the edges. All of our "babies" are adorable, loving, and precious to us.

by: Lenny

Hi! my bichon frise dog just gave birth to 5 bichons last week. i noticed 4 of them have really black nose and the area around the eyes and the ears. except for one where it is all pink - nose, eyes, ears.. i called her pink even if he is a male bichon..

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