Bichon Frise Diet

The best dog foods for your Bichon Frise? That's a great question because it shows that you have a genuine interest in your dogs' health.

And, while some people advocate using raw dog food with their dogs, there are still many who prefer to buy good quality commercial dog foods.

Gourmet dog treat reviews

Keep in mind that every Bichon Frise dog is different, so what is right for one, may not be best for another.

It's important to keep in mind that every Bichon, and every dog for that matter, is an individual. And it may take a little while to figure out what your dog's food needs will be...

Bichon Frise diet

A healthy Bichon will be happy!

So what we are sharing with you is just our opinion and what has worked extremely well with our Bichon Frises.

Premium dog foods such as holistic dog food and organic dog foods would get our vote for commercially prepared dog foods.

Some excellent brands to look for would be Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated foods (my favorite) or Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle Dog Food.

These manufacturers strive to use only the best ingredients, foods scientifically proven to provide a healthy canine diet. They will use little to no fillers and do not use any by-products.

A Bichon Frise diet should not include food like Chinese takeout.

This is not exactly a good Bichon Frise diet...

Bichon Frise Diet and Bichon Health

Bichons have very sensitive skin and are prone to skin irritations and allergies. In many cases, these dog allergies are caused by an improper diet.

Improper diets are usually the result of feeding inferior dog foods that don't consist of the proper nutrients and supplements required by your Bichon Frise dog.

Yes, it is true that a holistic dog food is a little expensive compared to most dog foods but isn't it worth it for the health of your "best friend."

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Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Another Bichon diet that is becoming more popular is the raw dog food diet.
Also known as BARF (Bones and Raw Food), this feeding method basically looks to return a dogs' diet back to the way nature intended it to be.

Just as important as feeding a healthy Bichon diet, is the essential necessity of giving your dog plenty of fresh water on a daily basis.

Our family drinks purified bottled drinking water and so do our dogs.

Some tap waters contain dangerous chemicals and contaminants. Why take that increased risk for yourself or your sensitive Bichon Frise?

A proper and nutritional Bichon Frise diet is one of the best ways to show your dog how much you care for it.

Finding the Best Bichon Frise Diet

Most of us struggle with our first Bichon dog’s diet--but we eventually do find a dog diet that works well for that dog.

And, of course, as with some other dog breeds, Bichons tend to have lots of dog allergies, even though they are great little dogs for humans who happen to be allergic to dogs!

The dog skin allergies so frequently seen in Bichons do dictate that we really watch what our dogs eat, which is part of the reason that Bichon diets are of such interest.

And with each new Bichon, our knowledge grows--and we get a little better at understanding what each dog needs.

Bichon Frise Diet Tips from our Friends...

Nulo for My Bichon Frise

by Emily (Fort Collins)

I started my Bichon Frise on a new diet, Nulo dog food . After my dog started gaining weight, I decided to give a new diet a try.

Their pet foods are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

After learning about the fillers which are placed in pet foods, I started reading the labels finding it was hard to find a natural pet food which is good for my dog.

My dog loves Nulo, and actually wont eat anything else now. She has lost weight and gained more energy than ever! I would recommend Nulo pet food not only for Bichon Frises--but any pet.

Milo's Forever Home

by Diana (New Jersey)

I adopted "Milo" from Connecticut. I believe I am his 4th home. For whatever reasons he was given up a few times. But please note he is a wonderful dog.

When we got him he was very quiet. I thought perhaps something was wrong with Milo. But after a week in my home he started to eat and play. He was being fed Iams food. But he had a "pink patch" on his back.

It looked sore and he came with some medication. I took him to the vet and our vet said that it could have been caused by fleas, food, etc. So I started to do the elimination process. Also, Milo has a few extra pounds on him. I talked to the vet about food. I talked to friends and family about food.

My daughter told me that her dogs were thriving on Blue Buffalo. I took a trip to Pet Smart and actually spoke to the Blue Buffalo representative about Milo.

She recommended the special food for weight control and also she told me to eliminate other foods like dairy and cheese. So I did. Well, Milo's patch started to disappear without the medication. I now feed him the Blue Buffalo Small Breed Chicken & Rice Dog Food that she recommended. I give him vegetables but do not give him cheese or dairy.

His coat is think and white now. It seems to agree with Milo. Now the only two problems I have with Milo are the fact that he thinks he is "everyone's friend" and must greet every dog and their owner when I walk him. (sometimes people do not want a dog jumping on them)

I have tried the "ignore" him and turn away and even once I tried the put your knee up but none have worked.

Because there is always someone out there who pets him when we are walking and he jumps.

And the other problem is he destroys all of his toys.

He chews them and takes the "squeaker" out and never has a toy more than 30 minutes. Yes, even the "kong".

He has the "nutra bone" and that is ok and 1 black kong ball and they are the only toys not destroyed.

But other than that he is a "Wonderful Pet and Companion" He follows me everywhere. I LOVE HIM! Diana

Bichon Frise Diet Foods I do not agree with!

by Alana Gaudet (Canada)

I try and feed my Bichon Frise the best food I can. I even cooked her foods for awhile, and I enjoyed doing it--until she got kidney stones and infections.

I was told by my Vet that I could no longer feed her my foods and had to buy her food from the Vet.

I really do not agree with this at all, as I feel that homemade foods would be best for her.

If anyone has a good diet for their Bichon could you please contact me with the diet you are feeding your Bichon.

Our Bichon's diet

by: Carole

Since the Chinese dog food ingredient scare a few years ago I only buy my foods and supplements for my Bichon (Daisy) at Murphy's -- a neighborhood holistic pet store in Winter Springs, Florida.

They keep a careful watch on ingredients, recalls and they offer nutritional advice as well.

Since that time Daisy has not had any hot spots and enjoys excellent health. She developed spinal spondylosis early this year since she turned 8 yrs old in the L4-L5 section of her spine, and Murphys highly recommended Lubriflex, which I've been giving her since--and she's just like her old self again.

We give her 1/2 tablet a day dipped in all natural Publix deli freshly ground peanut butter (no salt or sugar).

The dog foods I buy are Go!Natural Salmon & Oatmeal Formula (dry) + I also buy a couple cans of Mulligan Stew for variety mixing about a tablespoon into her dry dog food or another alternative is a few drops of anchovy liquid mixed into the dry.

Daisy's treats consist of Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats and small homemade natural dog biscuits I buy at Murphys -- banana, sweet potato, peanut butter flavor.

I used to have so many problems with her skin as well as allergies before this diet -- none at all since she's been on this diet.

Also, we only give her bottled water & she gets no tear stains below her eyes like so many other Bichons.

Clio the Bichon My Raw Food Diet

Hi, my name is Clio and I am fed a raw diet. I eat 'Prize Choice' Mince either chicken or beef mixed with fresh vegetables such as carrots, peas, green beans, potatoes and spinach that are lightly cooked. The dinners are fortified with a dried ground bonemeal supplement which my mom sprinkles on top of the meat. I am given raw egg and sardines once a week mixed with rice or potato.

As a treat I have raw apple, carrot, dried cranberries and blueberries, once a week I get a raw bone which is usually a pork rib bone - I love these sooo much. I am not given any cows milk products but, I am given small amounts of goats milk, cheese or yoghurt.

I am a 2 year old Bichon Frise and I have no tear stains around my eyes, my skin is healthy and I only go to the vet for annual boosters. I don't chew my feet or have ear problems. I am not overweight as the meat is not full of fat or rusk. I have no problems with my poops either!!

My family had a Westie before me and she suffered all her life with skin problems, she had endless trips to the vets and was on medication pretty much all the time. If the family had known about the raw diet back then she might have lived a better life. My Mom is taking no chances with me - I am a calm little dog and very contented, amazingly healthy and very very happy.

As for the worry about bacteria - follow usual food hygiene rules, its common sense really.

Start all new foods slowly. One big bonus for Mom is that it is a lot cheaper too.

I would recommend you try it. Good luck Bichons! Clio

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