Bichon Frise Diet

A good and proper Bichon Frise diet is an essential necessity if you want a healthy and happy Bichon.

If you love and care for your dog, which we know you do, then do some research on this matter and consult with your vet to find a Bichon Frise diet plan that is right for your dog.

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Keep in mind that every Bichon Frise dog is different, so what is right for one, may not be best for another.

It's important to keep in mind that every Bichon, and every dog for that matter, is an individual. And it may take a little while to figure out what your dog's food needs will be...

Bichon Frise diet

A healthy Bichon will be happy!

So what we are sharing with you is just our opinion and what has worked extremely well with our Bichon Frises.

That having been said, we do highly recommend that you research the best dog foods out there.

Bichons have very sensitive skin and are prone to skin irritations and allergies. In many cases, these dog allergies are caused by an improper diet.

Improper diets are usually the result of feeding inferior dog foods that don't consist of the proper nutrients and supplements required by your Bichon Frise dog.

As discussed on the Bichon puppies feeding advice page, we looked into kibble holistic dog food for feeding our white fluffy dogs. The results of that decision have been truly outstanding and wonderful.

Our 3 Bichons, Buddy, Emily and Beau, seem to have a new lease on life. They have more energy, a shinier and fuller coat and the severe dog allergies that plagued Emily have all but gone away.

Yes, it is true that a holistic dog food is a little expensive compared to most dog foods but isn't it worth it for the health of your "best friend."

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Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Another Bichon diet that is becoming more popular is the raw dog food diet .

Also known as BARF (Bones and Raw Food), this feeding method basically looks to return a dogs' diet back to the way nature intended it to be.

Just as important as feeding a healthy Bichon diet, is the essential necessity of giving your dog plenty of fresh water on a daily basis.

Our family drinks purified bottled drinking water and so do our dogs.

Some tap waters contain dangerous chemicals and contaminants. Why take that increased risk for yourself or your sensitive Bichon Frise?

A proper and nutritional Bichon Frise diet is one of the best ways to show your dog how much you care for it.

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What diet do you recommend for Bichons?
Did your dog ever get sick because of an
inferior dog food?

Share your story with us now...

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