Best Dog Foods
For Your Bichon Frise

People often ask, "What are the best dog foods for my Bichon Frise?"

This is a great question because it shows that you have a genuine interest in your dogs' health.

And, while many people advocate using raw dog food with their dogs, there are still many who prefer to buy good quality commercial dog foods.

Premium dog foods such as holistic dog food and organic dog foods would get our vote for commercially prepared dog foods.

Some excellent brands to look for would be Nature's Logic Dry Dog Food with Venison (my favorite) or Raw Advantage Organic Recipe Raw Dog Food.

These manufacturers strive to use only the best ingredients, foods scientifically proven to provide a healthy canine diet. They will use little to no fillers and do not use any by-products.

Bichon Frise best dog foods

Your dog will be healthier, if you give her good quality food.

Bichon FRise dog training treats

By-products are leftover garbage found in slaughterhouses that are unfit for human consumption. This could also include contaminated roadkill because it is considered a protein source.

Sound disgusting?

Absolutely--so why give this junk found in 99% of all dog foods to your Bichon Frise or to any other dog for that matter?

Feeding inferior dog food to pets is a major factor in causing canine Bichon Frise health problems, dog allergies, disease, and premature death.

The best dog food manufacturers are striving for the opposite effect. They use only the finest, quality protein sources with no by-products.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals are added to give your Bichon a delicious and wholesome canine diet.

Premium dog food, holistic dog food and organic dog foods often come in kibble or canned formulas. These premium dog foods are usually found at specialty animal stores or pet centers. It is very difficult to find these premium foods in supermarkets or other grocery stores.

Make sure that you read dog food labels and learn about the various dog foods available, before making a decision about what to feed your Bichon.

And you may have to do a little experimenting in order to find the best healthy dog foods for your Bichon Frise.

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What diet do you recommend for Bichons?
Did your dog ever get sick because of an
inferior dog food?

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