Best Dog Foods
For Bichon Frises

Choosing a Dog Diet

What are the best dog foods for Bichon Frises? Should all Bichons eat hypoallergenic dog food?

What should you consider, when choosing a dog diet for your dog? What kinds of dog foods are available?

Since our dogs are an important part of our families, we all try to keep them as happy and healthy as possible.

Dogs are totally dependent on us for their food and diet, so we need to make sure that we choose the best dog diet for our dogs.

What makes things even more complicated is that the best dog food for one dog—is not necessarily the best for another.

Labrador retriever anticipating a treat from the table

This lab thinks that the food on the table looks pretty good!

Bichon FRise training dog treats

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Finding the best dog foods out there is just not a simple issue. But, if you do a little reading, you will find that there are good dog foods that you can feed your dog—whether you decide to make them yourself or you plan to use a commercial brand.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your dog’s food must be balanced and contain healthy ingredients to keep her in the best health—and to avoid common health problems that develop from poor nutrition or unhealthy chemicals in your dog's food!

Bichon FRise dog training treats

The Bichon Frise Diet

Of course your dog is special and different from every other dog, including other Bichon Frises. So how do you decide which dog foods are best for your dog?

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when choosing dog food:

  • How much does your dog weigh? – Is your dog overweight, underweight or just right for her size and breed?
  • How active is your dog?
  • How old is your dog? – Older dogs tend to be less active and they have special dietary needs.
  • Is your dog sick? – Does she have a condition like diabetes or a heart condition?
  • Does your dog have allergies? – Bichon Frises frequently have allergies to dog foods, and they end up with skin conditions caused by their allergies.

Depending on how you answered the questions above, you may be getting some clues about the kind of dog food you should be looking for.

Best Dog Foods to Bichon Frises

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