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Discover the Bichon Frise.

Among the best family dogs, Bichons have a great temperament and are hypoallergenic, making them good for people with allergies.

Find out why these cheerful little white dogs are stealing the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.
The white and fluffy Bichon Frise

Bichons make great family dogs!

The White Fluffy Lapdog

Make sure you are up to speed on the latest dog breed information, before you make a final decision about your new Bichon puppy!

Learn all about Bichons, one of a kind, gentle, affectionate and loving dogs--from the unique perspective of owners.

These precious, small hypoallergenic dogs leave an everlasting impression on the hearts and lives of everyone they meet.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Bichon one day or you already own one, then you have come to the right place...

Jasmine, our current dog photo contest winner

Jasmine is our current dog photo contest winner.

If you share in our passion for these small white, non shedding dogs, join us and share practical information, helpful tips and advice about Bischon Frises.

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You may have found this site by using one of these alternate spellings: bijon frise, bischon frise, bichon frisee, bichon freese, bichon friese, Tenerife dog, Bichon Frice, Bichon Tenerife, Bichon a poil Frise or bichon frize.

All About Bichon Frises Blog
The Bichon Frises Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to website and any Bichons in the news.
Bichon Frise Puppies | Bichon Puppies | Bichon Frise Dogs
Bichon Frise puppies are known for being cute and adorable. Information about raising, training and caring for your new puppy. Check out our puppy pics.
Bichon Frise Puppy Care | Bichon Dog Care | Care for a Puppy
Bichon Frise puppy care takes a little time and effort. If you understand how to care for a puppy, Bichon dog care becomes easy. While dog grooming for this breed is extensive, Bichons are not hard to
Non Shedding Dog Breed | Bichon Frise | Dog Breed Information
The Bichon Frise is a non shedding dog breed with a cheery dog temperament. One of the good dogs for children, the Bichon does require quite a bit of attention. Bichon Frisee dog breed information t
Bichon Frise Diet - All About Bichon Frises
A good Bichon Frise diet should consist of premium ingredients such as that found in a holistic dog food. No by-products are a must....
Bichon Frise Care - All About Bichon Frises
Bichon Frise care begins the moment you get your Bichon puppy. Dog care for Bichons does require time and patience, as this dog breed is very sociable, needs people contact, and requires daily groomin
Bichon Frise Grooming | Bichon Grooming | How to Groom a Dog
For Bichon owners, Bichon Frise grooming is a never ending task. Knowing how to groom a dog at home will help you simplify your Bichon grooming. Bichon Frise owner tips on how to groom dogs easily.
Dogs Having Fun | Dog Travel | Dog Friendly Holidays
Dogs having fun will make your life happier. A little preparation makes dog travel easy, and a few simple procedures will make dog friendly holidays memorable!
Aging Dogs | Bichon Frise Old Dogs | Senior Dogs
Aging dogs require care different from young dogs. Old dogs have senior dog health problems and diseases that develop as a dog ages, and they have limitations they didn’t have as puppies.
Ask a Vet Online | Ask a Vet a Question | Pet Doctor Online
Why would anyone ask a vet online a question about their Bichon Frise? When does this make sense? What are the advantages of an online vet? Find the answers to these questions and more...
Common Dog Health Problems | Bichon Frise Dog Health Issues | Dog Health Concern
There are not many common dog health problems for the Bichon Frise. In general, dog health care is easy for this breed. There are only a few dog health issues to keep in mind when choosing a new Bicho
Dog Behavior Problems | Bichon Frise Behavior | Changing Bad Dog Behaviors
You can prevent dog behavior problems if your start dog training early. Knowing how to work with your Bichon Frise can help you keep bad dog behaviors to a minimum and correct any problems that develo
How to Train a Puppy | Puppy Potty Training | Bichon Frise Dog Obedience Trainin
Knowing how to train a puppy is important for new Bichon Frise owners. Puppy Potty Training will probably be your most challenging task, and you need to handle Bichons with care…
Bichon Frise Gifts | Unique Dog Gifts | Bichon Gifts
Here’s a fine selection of Bichon Frise gifts for dog lovers and their dogs. Unique dog gifts, including Bichon Frise jewelry, your photo on canvas, Bichon Frise pictures and Bichon holiday items.
Small Dog Carriers Reviews | Pet Carriers for Bichon Frises
With so many small dog carriers on the market, choosing the right pet carrier for your Bichon can be daunting. Here are some tips on choosing dog carriers and pet carrier reviews to help you .
Bicycle Dog Carrier Reviews | Bichon Frise Pet Carriers
Looking for a bicycle dog carrier for your pet? Use these tips and dog bike carrier reviews to help you choose the best small dog carrier for your small breed dog.
Bichon Frise Gourmet Dog Treat Reviews | Gourmet Dog Treats for Bichons
Use our Bichon Frise gourmet dog treat reviews to find the best gourmet dog treats for your small breed dog. Reviews include fancy dog cookies and biscuits and organic dog treats.
Bichon Frise Training Treats | Dog Training Treat Reviews
Choosing Bichon Frise training treats is easy with our dog training treat reviews. See our tips on how to choose the best training treats for your small dog breed pet.
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